imageHOLDERS: International Security Conference Highlights

This April imageHOLDERS attended ISC West (International Security Conference) event along with two of our partners, AMAG and Right Crowd. The event took place in Las Vegas and exhibited the latest innovations in access control systems, biometric technology, facial recognition and more. This year, the conference focused on visitor management including the rise of touch screen access control terminals.  Here are some of the highlights from ISC West this year:

Security Management

Security management is developing at a rapid pace and companies have ever evolving access control procedures. Businesses are now turning to automated solutions, including access control systems. Many invest money on sleek, modern reception areas where employees require an access card to enter the building. However, around 10% of these employees will forget their key card, leading to queues of employees at reception desks. Compact or full standing tablet and iPad kiosks are ideal touch screen access control solutions as they can be programmed to print and dispense temporary ID cards.

Software companies including Right Crowd are developing pioneering systems to keep buildings secure with guest identification cards. Right Crowd displayed Bluetooth enabled identification cards with integrated LED lights. The LED light is built into the card to flash if people do not have permission to access certain areas, alerting any threats to security.

Visitor Management

Leading companies are now investing in visitor management systems to reduce queues in reception lobbies whilst also streamlining security, safety and compliance. With an increased demand for visitor management, software companies are beginning to build specialist bespoke systems. Including self-check-in kiosks with built in guest registration system technology.

AMAG showcased their visitor management software, Symmetry GUEST, using the Surface Pro 12 inch tablet kiosk. This software can ask visitors security questions and can dispense temporary ID cards once access has been granted. It is also possible for tablet wall mounts and kiosks to be used in conjunction with biometric technology, including facial recognition for advanced visitor identification.

Protocol Management

Protocol management including streamlined evacuation processes was another key theme during the event. Large businesses are now using tablet kiosks programmed with security software and guest registration systems to ensure complete evacuation of a building.

Being part of ISC West was a great opportunity to learn about exciting security innovations on the horizon. Here at imageHOLDERS, we are looking forward to seeing the development of security, visitor and protocol management software and how it can be used in our digital kiosk solutions.

To find out how imageHOLDERS can improve your business processes with touch screen access control tablet and iPad kiosks, contact our friendly team today on +44 (0)1202 892863 or email


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