4 Leisure Industries That Can Benefit from Tablet Kiosks

The leisure industry is booming. As of 2016, it’s estimated to be worth £117 billion and growing by 5% every year. It’s growing twice as fast as the retail sector, with the public spending more on entertainment than products. Therefore, it’s imperative that leaders in leisure adapt to the technological habits of their customers and improve the experience to stay ahead of their competitors.

There are 4 key leisure industries that can benefit from introducing technology; tourism, events, sports and recreation, and arts and entertainment. Leisure tablet kiosks are the most effective way to start a technology overhaul – increasing satisfaction and ultimately sales in many ways:

1.Interactive Kiosks for Tourism

Tablet enclosures are universal, enabling those around the world to benefit from the places they visit, no matter their skillset. For example, tourism visitor centres can provide interactive maps, display facts, and tourist guides in different languages. Museums and tourist attractions can avoid long queues with interactive kiosks and printers for seamless ticket retrieval.

2.Information Kiosks for Events

Information kiosks can help to overcome the main obstacles at events such as finding your way around. By integrating interactive maps with event kiosks, attendees can find the nearest toilets, food stalls and more quickly and easily. Festivals and concerts can improve security and access control using tablet kiosks with ID or fingerprint scanners.

Tablet Kiosks for Gyms and Health Sectors

3.Check-in Kiosks for Sports & Recreation

Most sports and recreation establishments are open 7 days a week, with many gyms offering 24-hour access. Check-in kiosks are a low-cost solution, eradicating the need for extra staff by allowing quick access and easy membership sign ups.

4.Entertainment Kiosks for Arts & Entertainment

The main priority of entertainment establishments is to provide a fun experience for visitors. With entertainment kiosks in places such as cinemas or bowling alleys, you can show viewing times, offer ticket collection and increase customer retention with loyalty schemes.

The leisure industry is highly valuable, with broad target markets and plenty of potential to drive growth with tablet kiosks. Overall, they can increase customer satisfaction and help establishments stay ahead of the competition. For more information, talk to one of our friendly team on +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or 1-888-858-9778 (US) or email sales@imageholders.com.

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