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All in One Tablets: The Death of the Desktop

The term “all-in-one” used to be reserved just for computers and PCs, with a screen and no tower, like the Apple Mac. It was space efficient and didn’t rely on a mess of display and USB cables. But they garnered a troubling reputation of bad performance, with the reliance of mobile graphic cards, which could never keep up with those made for personal computers. But as technology advanced, so did the all in one computer, until it became the all in one tablet.

A 2-in-1, or hybrid tablet is versatile in that it can serve as either a laptop or a tablet, this is made possible by either a detachable element, allowing the keyboard and screen to be separated, or a flexible hinge which works like a convertible. The portability of the tablet allowed for it’s use in either business or leisure as a tablet, whilst the connectivity of a keyboard allowed for it’s desktop applications to be truly made the most of.

All in one tablets come in a variety of different sizes, prices and capabilities. Here are our top 3 favourite all in one tablets on the market today:Shell+ 12 Wall Mounted Tablet Enclosure with Keyboard Support

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro range, including the Surface Book, provides a variety of different sizes and prices to suit most potential users. The connection between the tablet and keyboard is a seamless addition in either its tablet or Clipboard mode. Running Windows 10 out of the box with the Surface Pen included and the keyboard available as an extra add on.



Slimline 12 Secure Wall Mounted iPad Tablet Enclosure

Apple iPad Pro
The iPad Pro 12.9” and the later iPad Pro 9.7” is aimed at a professional audience, with it’s functionality being boosted with the additional add on’s which enhance the tablets capability. The only drawback is the lack of included additionals such as a keyboard or Microsoft windows, which helps to create the full desktop system, whilst the Apple Store offers a vast variety of apps, the price of the iPad Pro does require further investment for it to fully replace both a tablet and a laptop in one go.


Linx 1010

The cost effective windows tablet, is a popular tablet used by imageHOLDERS customers. With the add-on of the attachable keyboard, the tablet becomes a small notebook, but the ease of mobility and the functionality of desktop applications, Windows 10, ensures that this is not a contender to be ignored.

These tablets are just a small selection on the market. The Microsoft Surface being the most expensive, and the Linx 1010 being the most cost-effective.


At imageHOLDERS we’ve worked with many different tablets, from the smallest iPad, to the largest Galaxy View, and we’ve seen a real rise in the amount of all in one tablets our clients are preferring to utilise. Whilst the keyboard isn’t necessary for most tablet enclosure applications, the applications and the possibilities that hybrid tablets allow for, ensure that they are an investment.Shell+ 12 Secure Tablet Enclosures and iPad Kiosks

Yet why, when I researched for this blog, do All in One tablets still bring up drugstore all in one cold and flu tablets? Perhaps there is still a way to go before all in one tablets begin to scratch at the market of desktops.

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