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Affordable Tablets Are Changing Business

Whilst tablets like the iPad Pro remain at a premium, tablets such as the Kindle Fire are retailing at the cheapest price in years. We explore how this impacts businesses incorporating tablet technology into their customer engagement strategy.

Tablet affordability

More affordable tablets are readily available now for as little as £50. The Kindle Fire currently retails for under £50, the cheapest tablets have sold at for in a long time. Tablets including the Kindle Fire and HIPSTREET Electron, both £49.99, bring appealing benefits including cost efficiency and suitability for a variety of tablet enclosures. And, with software integrations more widely available for different tablets, limitations of cheaper models are being eradicated.

Bulk buying tablets for business

To attract, entice and convert the customer, tablet enclosures play a vital role. Enclosures must be secure, high quality, on brand and ultimately cost efficient – which is where the rise in lower priced tablets has been driven from.

Buying durable tablets in bulk is essential for businesses to run their customer loyalty schemes, interactive menus, identification scans, photo booths or digital concierge iPad kiosk systems. The iPad Pro retails between £399-£659; a high price per item when bulk purchasing and scaling up a marketing plan. Cheaper options are attractive to small and new businesses, helping to bring down overall costs whilst achieving the desired outcome.

Tablet enclosure flexibility and usage

Device integration with integrated printer, contactless NFC and finger print reader,

Tablet enclosures are a good way to securely and professionally present a tablet. They can be integrated with a range of OEM devices including: scanners, printers and NFC chips for contactless payments. Tablet kiosks can be wall, counter and floor mounted and branded to further represent a business. With such affordable tablets on the market combined with customizable tablet enclosures, businesses should thrive on the opportunity to adopt them into their business strategy for 2016.

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