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9 Ways Tablet Enclosures Can Improve Your Business

Companies are always looking for ways to improve, whether this is through up-selling or collecting feedback. Yet the methods of improvement tend to be varied and unrelated, costing more in both time and resources. Tablet kiosks and iPad enclosures are versatile in what they can achieve, and how they can uniquely work for your business.

By combining software to allow customers to browse retail stock or choose a meal on a digital menu and then adding in feedback software can save your company money and resources, by optimizing both your time and the customers time.

[1] Tablet Enclosures and Company Branding015_10_031 Expo 10 Tablet Kiosk with Curved Graphic Panel

Whether you’re a boutique hotel or large fast food restaurant, a custom branded iPad enclosure can improve your business by enhancing the in-house branding through small alterations such as colour customisation or a custom graphic panel.

In retail, an unbranded payment system doesn’t add to the inhouse brand, but by custom branding an integrated retail POS system or MPOS, the iPad retail stand is both fit for purpose and inline with the business brand, often creating a faster and smoother payment process which is then associated with your company brand.

[2] iPad Kiosks and Customer Relations

Improving customer relations doesn’t need to rely on face to face connections or writing a name on a receipt for feedback. By utilising tablet kiosks, loyalty can be rewarded and relationships encouraged between businesses and customers. Tablet kiosks have recognised interfaces and encourage consumers to utilise the familiar technology to gain further insights into customer behavior.

By embracing technology and having iPad enclosures set up to encourage customers to interact with the digital brand, or sign up for newsletters, the relationship between business and client extends past the time spent in-house.

[3] Tablet Kiosks and Feedback

By utilising iPad enclosures to collect feedback, real time information is instantly available after the completion of the survey or questionnaire. This saves time and resources collecting the information and sending it on to the appropriate recipient and allows for immediate response if needed. Our Slimline range of kiosks are almost flush to the wall, such as as the Slimline 8 secure wall mounted iPad kiosk, and look modern and striking in offices.

Having multiple locations can also increase the comparative data available for performance reviews and can personalise improvements for individual branches. As the kiosk is able to be accessed by anyone, data can be captured from those who merely passed through, and doesn’t rely on those who have completed a sale or direct engagement with staff. Tablet kiosks broaden the ability to receive feedback and improve the interaction with the data and necessary response.

[4] Tablet Enclosures and Room Control016_10_000 Slimline 10 Glass Wall Mount Secure Tablet Enclosure for Room Booking Solutions

Tablet kiosks enable the user to do anything from switching off the heating to ordering room service. Back of house and front of house can control the access of staff and visitors to rooms and services available in real-time.

Tablet enclosures can also be used for meeting room booking and organisation. The tablet enclosure can display important information about who has organised the meeting, a list of attendees, how long the room is booked for and when it is next available.

[5] iPad Kiosks and Marketing

Interactive campaigns using social media are a fantastic way to interact on a ‘personal’ level with clients on a platform that is simple to use and user friendly. Social media pages, campaign videos, interactive games and a multitude of different strategies are able to be deployed on a tablet enclosure to engage consumers in an approachable and interactive way. By displaying future sales or business partners, marketing will be able to be multi-platformed by being usable in store.

[6] iPad Enclosures and Payment Opportunities015_10_001_CON Secure Tablet Kiosk with Contactless Card Reader - Apple Pay

Contactless payment and mobile payment has become a big part of the financial industry with significant continued growth expected over the coming years, and it’s becoming a popular way of payment due to the ease of use and speed at which it can be achieved

By integrating a M.POS or E.POS into the tablet kiosk, customers can pay by touch payment, Google wallet, Apple Pay, or cash, ensuring no sales are lost. There is also the possibility, that customers can choose whether to receive a paper receipt or be emailed one, which meets customers requirements and also is environmentally friendly.

[7] Tablet Kiosks and Up-Selling

Allowing consumers to use self-service kiosks has proven to increase sales by presenting products in a visually appealing manner, encouraging customers to consider more options and be presented with marketing which is specifically aimed at the products. By allowing the customer to feel in control over what they choose, everything from ordering appetisers and desserts to upgrading a service increase in sales.

Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s have seen an increase in customer engagement through the tablet enclosures and have increased upselling potential through the interactivity of the images and marketing capabilities.

[8] iPad Enclosures and Information

Both front of house and back of house of any business can benefit from the ease of information sent through and the ability to present information in a visually appealing way. Whether this is room availability for booking meeting rooms, or as a digital concierge available in lobbies or hotel rooms, tablet enclosures can ensure that users are able to access information easily in the mode of their choice, whether that’s through using a self-service kiosk to learn more about options, or booking rooms or trips through the device.

[9] Tablet Enclosures and Integrating DevicesIQS Integrator Pro with Printer, Contactless and Biometric Reader

By integrating devices such as printers, scanners and contactless readers, you can create a multi-device solution which can be used as an application as a payment terminal, betting kiosk, passport check-in desk and more. The enclosure is cost-efficient, requires little space, and is user friendly with the many different operating systems available through tablet and iPad applications.

As an OEM partner, imageHOLDERS have worked hard to ensure that our units are compatible with devices such as printers, contactless readers and scanners to create a multi-device solution. Or Integrator Pro is created to house a number of different devices, while our Custom design team can create a bespoke unit to suit your individual needs.

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