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7 Ways Tablet Enclosures Work With POS

Payment operating systems have evolved considerably over the past 8 years, with industries having to predict what their consumers will prefer to use when paying in order to keep up.

With the introduction of contactless credit cards in 2007 followed by contactless debit cards in 2009, the implementation of contactless and touch payments within the financial industry has allowed for fast and secure transferals of payment, and has become an expected function at payment terminals.

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We take a look at the way tablet enclosures can work with POS technologies to benefit all areas of industry, from front of house customer experience to back of house stock control and forecasting.

[1] Automate sales reporting and forecasting 

  • Real time data on stock and sales
  • Saves time by instantly uploading information
  • Forecast stock requirements

By using tablet kiosk technology to collect information on stock intake and outgoings, weekly statistics allowing for better forecasting and quarterly reviews.

[2] Track inventory and employee hours

  • Can accurately forecast stock needs
  • Orders for low stock can be placed instantly
  • Easily create rotas and share

Tracking inventory and hours allows for in depth reports on employee performance, the data can be sent to a back of house computer or tablet which will show where stock is running out, to ensure that any orders are able to be placed ahead of time.

[3] Engage customers with marketing

  • Collect email address for curated marketing
  • Show current promotions
  • Upsell products with carefully placed material

By encouraging customers to sign up for loyalty schemes or to receive an email receipt, customers email address can be collected and linked to their purchased products for curated marketing promotions.

[4] Offer email receipts

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Allows the customer to decide the method in which they have their receipt
  • Cost efficient with the costs of using a printer

Upon payment, cashiers can offer customers the choice of printed reciept, or an emailed receipt, ensuring that consumers feel more in control whilst also promoting an environmentally friendly scheme.

[5] Speed up service with wireless printers

  • From tablet to kitchen direct order
  • Wireless printing saves time for staff to walk back and forth to kitchen
  • Can send instructions to different departments

Connecting front of house and back of house by using a simple tablet enclosure and wireless printer, information can be relayed in real time and actions taken instantly.

[6] Manage multiple stores and functions

  • Real-time overview of performance and stock
  • Instant feedback from customers – quick reaction
  • Up to date forecasting and employee hours

By connecting stores, available stock is visible in real time, ensuring a sale for customers even when the item is not in stock within one store. Performance forecasting and stock control can also be measured remotely instead of instore.

[7] Integrate new technology 

  • Staying on top of current POS trends
  • Able to give consumers options
  • Appear modern and up to date

As payment technology changes, so will the chosen method of payment which consumers prefer. By using a tablet kiosk, new technology can be integrated within the kiosk as it becomes widely used, ensuring your business stays up to date and never misses a sale.

Contactless Website BannerContactless technology

With an ever growing market of contactless technologies, from Apple Pay to Samsung Pay, it’s no wonder that the movement to embrace the new technology has brought with it a plethora of different opportunities to use technology within all industries.

Tablet kiosks and POS terminals

POS terminals needn’t be limited to performing solely as a payment point, with the ability to collect customer data, forecast monthly intake and control stock, tablet enclosures can work alongside current technologies to create a multi-channel solution within one enclosure.

imageHOLDERS have worked with many industries including retail and hospitality to create payment terminals integrating tablet enclosures and contactless technology.


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