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5 Ways to Improve Christmas Tourism with Touch Screen Kiosks

Millions of people around the world plan trips during the Christmas holiday period. They stay in hotels, attend pop-up events, visit attractions and more. So, how can businesses benefit from Christmas tourism?

The public sector, retail and hospitality industries can empower their customers to spend money at concessions with convenient tablet kiosks. Our customer-centric touch screen kiosks, such as the Shell+ range, are designed to fit your business objective. Whether that’s selling more event tickets, managing queues or capturing qualified leads. Here are 5 ways touch screen kiosks can improve tourism to maximise your customer base:

1.       Increase sales at pop-up events

If you’re organising a pop-up event such as a Christmas Market, with external vendors and stakeholders, you’ll want to ensure visitors can spend money on goods with ease. An event POS system encourages more visitors to spend with contactless cards, without the worry of carrying around cash.

With speedy event POS systems, customers can move through concessions quickly and spend money their way, with contactless cards, ApplePay, Google Pay and more.

2.       Capture customer data

When customers interact with your touch screen event kiosks, you can capture valuable data with competitions, loyalty schemes and surveys. In addition, event kiosks enable you to add your GDPR-compliant policies on screen and record all data digitally, so there’s no need for additional paperwork.

3.       Get valuable feedback

Whether you’re a Christmas event planner, a retail business or a hotel, gathering customer feedback around the Christmas period is vital to ensure improvement year on year.  Survey kiosks offer a quick and convenient way for customers to leave in-the-moment feedback. With customer feedback, your business can identify pain-points and inform operational changes for the next tourism boom.

4.       Streamline check-ins and check-outs

During the holidays, people across the world are travelling to and from cities, countries and continents. While some may stay with family, many of us use a hotel over the Christmas period. People want to check in and out of their hotel with no problems or delays.

Hotel self check-in kiosks are quickly growing in popularity, allowing customers to come and go with ease. Some hotels also provide a digital concierge service using touch screen information kiosks so visitors can find nearby restaurants, attractions and more to enhance their stay.

To streamline payments, touch screen kiosks can also be used as hotel POS systems. Allowing customers to pay for their stay, food and drink and resolve outstanding bills.

5.       Enhance visitor attractions

Everyone’s worst nightmare at Christmas attractions is being stuck in long queues in the cold (and rain), especially with young children. With a range of custom integrations, our touch screen visitor registration kiosks can improve visitor attractions, making them more efficient and visitor friendly. For example, touch screen kiosks with integrated printers allow visitors to buy tickets in advance and collect, saving on time and resources.

For larger attractions, wayfinding kiosks are an effective way to improve the customer’s experience and make the most of the time and money they spend there. Interactive wayfinding kiosks give customers the information they need to discover every area of your Christmas attraction or event.

imageHOLDERS provide a fully adaptable retail solution, with a range of devices that can be integrated to suit your business needs. To find out how kiosk manufacturers imageHOLDERS can help your business thrive during Christmas with touch screen kiosks, get in contact on 01202 892 863 (UK) or 1-888-9778 (US) to discuss your requirements.