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5 Tablets You Can Use to Transform Your Business

Regular EPOS cash registers are expensive, bulky, and have limited retail functionality – whilst costing $500 – $3,000. By choosing a tablet rather than a regular POS system, your business can be transformed in terms of efficiencies, presentation, and cost.

Tablets can be integrated to work with thousands of retail POS systems, and housed in a custom kiosk that’s designed and manufactured around your business. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality or entertainment, tablets can be mobile, placed on a countertop (such as the Integrator Pro 10) or integrated with many different devices, including a chip and pin device or printer.

Make the decision to switch to a tablet POS system with a tablet enclosure today and use our guide on the best tablets for transforming your business POS system:

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 

Microsoft Surface Website Banner

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is marketed as ‘the ultimate laptop with extreme performance and precision’ and the ideal laptop for business use. It comes with a detachable screen optimised for pen and touch so that the tablet can be taken to the customer within the store or transported between stores. It runs Windows 10 and Office 365, offering cloud based control to save all sale information securely and easily. The fast processor allows multiple business apps to be installed that can collect data, present surveys and so much more than taking payment.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a large 10.1-inch display to view retail information, prepare documents or share reports with colleagues. It also has a long lasting 13-hour battery so employees can use it for the entire business day.

3. iPad 2017

The iPad is a classic business tool and well known for its fast A9 processor, crisp screen and thin body. iPad POS stands are ideal for retail environments that need mobility, whether it’s to collect and process food orders, gather customer footfall data or showcase products.

4. Linx tabletsHollywood Bowl Tablet Enclosures for Bowling Alley Management

The main benefit of Linx tablets (820, 1020, 1032, 1032, 1064, 1232, 1266) are their quick touch/type capabilities. Place in a tablet kiosk for use as a retail POS system, pick up the tablet to collect data around a store, or attach to a keyboard at the end of the day to compile a report as you would with a PC. 

5. Yuno 15

The Aures Yuno 15 isn’t just a tablet – it’s a 15-inch all-in-one PC touch screen that’s designed to specifically suit the many applications of the POS sector. It’s robust, compact and dirt/splash proof – ideal for restaurant environments and available as a singular or double screen. The Yuno has been formulated to be configured quickly and easy, and work consistently throughout its long-life cycle.

Every one of these 5 tablets can be used as a retail POS system and integrated with an imageHOLDERS tablet enclosure to suit the needs of your business.

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