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4 Places Tablet Kiosks Are Taking Over

From fast food restaurants to sidewalks, tablet kiosks are taking over the business world.

In 1993 the world’s first tablet and Apple creation, the Message Pad, launched – and failed. 18 years later, Apple tried again and succeeded with the iPad, dominating the market and paving the way for a successful tablet industry – and the need for tablet kiosks!  Almost every business sector utilises a tablet and many are streamlining processes, attracting new markets with tablet enclosures. We explore four industries which are doing just this:

  • Fast Food RestaurantsMcDonald's Case Study Image-10

Fast food restaurants are halving queue times, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing manned front of house services with secure iPad stands. Many McDonald’s restaurants across the world use them as checkouts and a Panera Bread in Boston claims that over half of their lunchtime sales come from iPad kiosk stands!

  • Education & Libraries

Schools, colleges and universities have adopted tablet kiosks for student check-ins, to access campus maps, class timetables and aid individual learning. A primary school in Tennessee uses them to register visitors and give parents access to the school’s processes and their child’s educational development.  

Bookworms will be pleased to know that after a sharp decline, library use is on the rise again. Although tablets initially decreased the number of physical visits to libraries due to the increase in ebooks, tablet enclosures are now helping the problem by making physical books easy to locate in the library and offering educational apps to visitors.

  • Sidewalks

Tablet kiosks have taken over New York City sidewalks and the scheme is predicted to expand to other cities if the initiative proves successful! These secure tablet kiosks mean that the public now have access to free internet browsing and Google maps for directions.

  • Banks

Secure iPad stands enable online services to be brought to the forefront of any bank. Customers have the opportunity to test and use online banking including paying bills, alongside reviewing and comparing products without paper brochures. Bank managers can conduct in-branch demos, training and troubleshooting, and keep customers entertained whilst employees process paperwork.

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