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How assisted- and self-service POS kiosks boost business

An assisted or self-service POS solution reduces waiting time, optimises the user journey and can even boost sales by upselling products or services and encouraging more impulse purchases.


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interactive retail POS kiosk solution

Long queues and a poor user journey discourages sales, return visits and positive reviews, all of which can cause revenue to stall or even start a downward trend. In fact, 86% of consumers will avoid a store if they think a queue is too long, and after 6-9 minutes of queuing the customer is likely to give up and leave the store empty-handed. One experience of a long queue will discourage a customer from returning to that store. In fact, 70% are less likely to return to a store if they experience long waiting times on just one occasion.


Self-service kiosks automate check-out, without the requirement of staff. Therefore, employing a kiosks gives your business the opportunity to make sales all hours of the day.

Integrating intuitive software, a user-friendly touch screen and additional devices such as scanners, contactless or chip and pin machines and printers, allow customers to browse, add-to-basket and pay easily and efficiently.

Is your offering a physical product? Kiosk solutions can also be fitted with scales to ensure a scanned item is placed in the bagging area. Alternatively, security features such as high-resolution cameras can be added for 24/7 surveillance. This overcomes the issue of a member of staff needing to assist when there is an ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’.


Self-service solutions give the consumer more autonomy over their shopping experience. The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, giving the customer control speeds up the transaction process, whilst making the customer feel like every purchase is their own decision, without being swayed by customer service. This improves the customer experience and increases the likelihood of return orders.

Secondly, an engaging and interactive screen display shows the customer the entire catalogue/menu/service list, thus, there is more to browse and more opportunity for them to find more products or services that suit them without the immediate time-pressure to choose in front of a member of staff. They are more likely to spend more and/or decide to return to make another purchase in the future.


An interactive touchscreen is the perfect device to upsell products and services. We know that customers generally spend more than they usually would spend at a self-service solution, rather than a manned check-out, and this is without on-screen marketing to upsell.

imageHOLDERS have developed a dual-screen self-service solution. The most popular use case for this is to display digital signage or marketing messaging on the top screen, whilst the customer engages with the lower screen. This is the perfect set-up to upsell with ease.


Customers are not isolated in the benefits kiosks offer. Deploying a self-service solution takes the strain off staff, whilst giving the opportunity to focus their work elsewhere in the business. Thus, productivity and efficiency are enhanced.

This is especially beneficial during busy periods as pressure can build on staff as they are required to serve on counters and may have to deal with many disgruntled customers after waiting in long queues. As a result, staff morale is lowered and, since they can’t be present on other tasks, they are rushed and may make more mistakes. This could result in lowered customer satisfaction. This frustration among staff could even cause further problems such as high-staff turnover and poor customer retention.

When a kiosk manages the repetitive tasks and transaction process, employees are able to spend more of their time offering personalised and positive customer satisfaction and further optimising the company elsewhere.


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