imageHOLDERS are more than just a tablet and iPad kiosk manufacturer, we also offer an end to end integrated kiosk solution. 

We work closely with you to understand your customers' journey and what problems or pain points you need to address as a business to increase customer engagement or sales. We want to know what perfect looks like for you.

We are happy to fit into an ongoing kiosk solutions project and just supply the tablet kiosk or enclosure hardware required or we can take the stress away from you and manage the whole kiosk installation project from initial conception to complete rollout.

Talk directly to one of our kiosk solutions specialists and find out how we can help.

One Solution Does Not Fit All

We don’t think one solution fits all, in fact our interactive kiosk solutions are completely tailorable to ensure your requirements are met. If we don’t have exactly what you're looking for, we work with our experienced in-house design team to create an ideal solution, eliminating your customers' pain points and providing you with your version of perfection.

We make sure that all our tablet kiosk solutions come with the benefits that really meet your needs. Interactive kiosks are the perfect way to merge your offline strategies with digital customer experience.

Once we understand what perfection looks like for you, you and your customers' needs and the customer journey, we set to work with our designers in a fully collaborative process with you, developing a unique offering to meet your specific needs.

Bringing it All Together

We act as the main contact for all partners involved in the project including you, independent software providers (ISVs), all device suppliers, and shopfitters or installers.

We can take the pressure away from internal teams and ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

We also offer aftercare support packages with our managed services which can include remote updates, device upgrades and customer support. For more information visit our Managed Services.

Choose us to only provide the perfect kiosk hardware and be a small part of your project or take on the fully supportive role of an end to end kiosk solution and help you every step of the way… the choice is yours.

Benefits of using our Tablet & iPad Kiosk Solutions

  1. We are the first point of call for all third-party supplier questions
  2. We fully understand yours and your customers' requirements
  3. Take the pressure off internal teams
  4. Years of experience in the interactive kiosk industry
  5. Expert knowledge of devices suitable for kiosks
  6. Top level industry contacts for the best prices and hardware suppliers for the job
  7. Successful tablet kiosk rollouts for large retail, leisure and hospitality industries.

Download the imageHOLDERS Kiosk Solutions Brochure.

The kiosk solutions we offer is like nothing else on the market.

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We offer a fully custom design service to help take your idea from concept to delivery. Contact us now to find out how we can help create a completely bespoke tablet enclosure or iPad kiosk solution to meet your requirements.

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imageHOLDERS Insights

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The Benefits of imageHOLDERS Kiosk Solutions

Design and Manufacture

Expert designers with over 100+ years of combined experience

Integrate Devices and Software

Experience rolling out large deployments with a plugin and go solution

Deployment and Installation

Training and workshops for installers, experience deploying worldwide

Support and Aftercare

Modular systems allow for easy maintenance with teams at hand for aftercare

Device Integration

Device Integration

Combine your iPad or tablet with any device securely within our enclosure to create the ultimate multi-functional tablet kiosk solution.

Our products

Our products

Our enclosures are created with the client in mind, from the cost-efficient Core to the Integrator Pro, our tablet and iPad kiosks suit all industries.