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Post Offices & Postal Services

With the continuous increase in online shopping, we rely on our global postal services. The private postal services and the Post Office have a wide variety of services within their networks. For the Post Office Ltd alone, there are currently around 11,500 branches across the UK. A postal service kiosk will drive traffic in both Post Office Ltd storesshop partners and private postal service companies.
There can be different prices, specification and levels of automation as required for the users. Whether this be for financial services, postage or retail. 

A kiosk solution for postal services would improve automation, digitisation, efficiency and increase revenue across stores and within partner’s estates. A kiosk solution would free up time in other for other services and therefore increase product sales and the use of the mail and financial services.

Kiosk Solutions for Postal Services

Automated parcel and letter sizing

Digital stamp, custom label and receipt printing

Weighing and scanning

Payment devices

Digital drop box solutions

imageHOLDERS Kiosk enclosures host a multitude of modular devices for a completely interactive and face-to-face contact free experience for a wide range of applications.

Key Benefits

Boost Revenue

Incorporating self-service kiosks encourages engagement and more purchases.

Increase Efficiency

Kiosks are more efficient and therefore increase footfall across a period of time.

Covid-19 Secure

Additional devices on the kiosk enclosure ensure health and safety precautions are adhered to.

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