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Case Study

ViewPoint Feedback work with imageHOLDERS to build touchless self-service solutions for real-time, frictionless feedback

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View point touchless technology floorstand kiosk

The Client

ViewPoint Feedback are providers of real-time customer, employee, patient and student satisfaction reporting. 

Years of working with industry leaders has granted experience that helps ViewPoint Feedback continue to develop software that aids businesses across many industries to increase their customer and employee satisfaction.

Real-time feedback is the most valuable for businesses, as it captures people in-the-moment, which provides the most accurate picture.

The Challenge

Following the pandemic, ViewPoint Feedback wanted to explore touchless technology, to add to their range of touchscreen feedback devices and ensure users safety whilst addressing their concerns regarding virus transmission.

They were clear on the problems that they needed to overcome but struggled to find a touchless solution that worked effectively with the feedback capture process.

It was imperative that they produced an intuitive touchless solution that truly works for their customers and their audiences.

The Solution

imageHOLDERS and ViewPoint Feedback defined a visually appealing touchless kiosk solution with a 10” screen, that aesthetically matched their current catalogue of products.

The touchless technology provides a great talking point for the ViewPoint sales team, and successfully captures their customers’ attention, as well as creating international appeal. 

Above all, the final solution is commercially viable and meets the end user’s needs.


Our experience working with Image Holders to develop this product for our customers was a positive one. We felt listened to when we were developing the features and overall look and feel for the kiosk. We had a great rapport with the team, which made communication effortless. Ultimately, we developed the best touchless feedback device on the market – what better outcome can there be?”

        Simon Lovell, Viewpoint

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