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imageHOLDERS worked with Tootoot to create bespoke feedback kiosk stands for use across schools and workplaces.

The Client

‘Giving a voice to children and young people’

Half of those experiencing bullying never tell anybody due to fear, embarrassment or lack of faith in the support systems. – Ditch The Label

Tootoot is a forward-thinking safeguarding app giving the opportunity for pupil’s voices to be heard. The Manchester based company believe that wellbeing and academic attainment are inherently linked and have developed their software to help young people have the best chance at success.

As well as use in schools, Tootoot has also deployed their app in workplaces, allowing employees to give valuable feedback to employers.

Anonymous feedback software is a simple solution that helps alert schools and employers on bullying and reporting concerns. With their growing success, Tootoot were looking for an innovative way to showcase their app.
The Samsung tablet is enclosed within a Slimline kiosk mounted on a custom 45-degree bracket. The wall-mounted bracket is designed to house a Lava Hub and cover a power outlet, and can also be adjusted to perform as a counter mounted bracket. The flexibility of the product ensured that individual stores didn’t require review before installation, with the bracket easily retrofitted to existing furniture and pedestals.

The Solution

Tootoot wanted an interactive Samsung tablet feedback kiosk to create a tangible and personalised experience as well as showcasing their software.

They came to us at imageHOLDERS looking for a bespoke solution. After learning more about our product and considering the brief, we recommended our curved interactive kiosks for schools to securely house their Samsung Galaxy Tab S2s.

Our Samsung tablet kiosks are fully customisable, which allowed our design team to create stunning full-size graphics to the client’s specifications. The end result was an eye-catching feedback and survey kiosk with a speech bubble and full graphic panel branding.
Access control can work as a time clocking system as well as security control, with different levels of security for different access points given to users to ensure resources are managed and secured efficiently. A check-in kiosk with integrated biometric readers can secure any business, from small offices to multi-storey enterprises. Room booking software can ensure that meeting rooms are not double-booked, and that supplies are controlled from a wall or glass mounted tablet enclosure outside of the meeting room.

The Results

For children, there’s no disputing the impact technology is having on their lives. But Tootoot’s new feedback kiosk stands allow schools to use technology to their advantage.

They also house their software within survey kiosks in offices to offer an effective way for employers to measure satisfaction and engagement across teams and departments.

We look forward to hearing more from Tootoot about the positive results they receive from their new Samsung tablet feedback kiosks.

Benefits of Education Kiosks

Covid-19 Secure Visitor Management

A variety of optional add-on devices, such as hand sanitiser dispenser and fever check cameras, ensure secure and safe visitor management.

Efficient and Accurate Administration

Kiosks speed up administrative tasks and aid classroom management with the appropriate software.

Self-Service Book Rental

School, university and stand-alone libraries will increase book rentals by implementing self-service book rental kiosks.

Increased Engagement

Kiosks have been proven increase engagement and develop IT skills in primary schools.

Sports Hire and Timetable Management

Kiosks can be used for timetable management, booking classrooms and hiring sports equipment.

Canteen & Cafeteria Self-Service

Self-service kiosks can be used to view school and university cafe menus, order food and top-up credit.

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