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Case Study

Teddington and Twickenham Libraries deploy imageHOLDERS self-service kiosks for efficient book rental and returns

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The Client

imageHOLDERS and GWD have a longstanding relationship with public libraries, including Southend, Twickenham, Teddington and Southwark which has just gone into production.

We were thrilled to go visit the recent installation of our imageHOLDERS library kiosks at both Teddington & Twickenham Libraries in Richmond.

The Challenge

Twickenham & Teddington Libraries required an efficient and intuitive self-service kiosk solution for book rentals and returns.

The implementation of self-service education kiosks for libraries would aim to encourage more people to check out a greater quantity of books, invite more repeat visits to the library and to offer a positive experience for library members.

Plus, staff time needed to be freed up for more efficient management of the library.

The Solution

We designed a floorstanding kiosk enclosure that houses a 15.6 inch Panel PC; this is the perfect size for a clear interactive kiosk display and easy navigation on the screen for the user.

The digital kiosk integrates a 3″ receipt printer for printing receipts of books rented and returned.

There is a large format RFD reader and library barcode scanner. We worked with Zebra to integrate a barcode scanner which could read all the weird and wonderful book barcodes that you find in libraries!

On the library terminal that was not designed to be situated in the children’s area, there is also a chip and pin card reader integrated on the side of the kiosk screen enclosure. This is the perfect POS device for customers who need to make a late return payment, without needing assistance from staff or to make their way to a different counter.

The modular design of the library self-checkout kiosk also allows for a book drop bin to be installed. This is perfect for library members to drop their returned books into. These books go straight into a trolley stored inside the drop bin, which staff can easily wheel out and replace with a new one, before going off to return the books to their rightful homes.

Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks in Libraries

1 Education kiosks reduce overhead costs due to less staff required for book rentals

2 Existing staff time is freed up for other tasks within the library, therefore improving efficiency overall

3 The library self-service kiosks are easy and intuitive to use, offering a positive user experience for library customers

4 All imageHOLDERS library kiosks can be made ADA/DDA compliant, for an inclusive library experience

5 imageHOLDERS kiosks have a unique modular design, allowing for additional devices to be added and removed which is perfect for adapting to future user requirements in a public location

Integrated Additional Devices

3″ Receipt Printer

Payment Device

Barcode Scanner

RFD Scanner

Book Drop

Teddington Library

Twickenham Library

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