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Case Study

River Bourne Community Farm deploy an imageHOLDERS kiosk to increase donations

Financial POS

The Client

River Bourne Community Farm is a ‘free to visit’ community city farm in Salisbury. River Bourne relies on donations to fund maintenance and improvements.

Their main focus is educating young people and serving the local community. They achieve this by providing volunteering opportunities and offering a friendly and relaxed meeting place. They also have regular events for the public to enjoy.

The Challenge

River Bourne Community Farm was looking for an interactive kiosk solution to allow people to donate using contactless payments.

The pandemic dramatically reduced the amount of cash that people carry on a day to day basis, which was already in decline. As a result, cash donations are also on a decline on a national scale.

For companies relying on community donations, like River Bourne Community Farm, this can be damaging to the business. This is where a donation kiosk with contactless payment options makes a huge difference to the number of contributions.

Contactless Payments & Charitable Giving

*These statistics relate to national charitable donations, not River Bourne Community Farm. Sources linked.

The Solution

River Bourne Community Farm deployed a contactless kiosk to support the running of the farm and its animals.

For this project we worked in partnership with GWD. With their help, we selected and installed a contactless kiosk to capture digital donations. This unique device uses features like interactive storytelling and intuitive user interface design to enhance the experience for the donor. This creates a lasting impression of a fundraising cause and supporting organisation.

The specific interactive kiosk solution is a freestanding Loxo 10 with an NFC reader. As an NFC kiosk, this solution will accept payments from cards and a wide range of NFC enabled devices. We also included branding and header panels to show the call to action to donate.

The enclosure houses a 10″ Linx 1020 tablet kiosk with contactless. The floor standing design allows the contactless kiosk to be easily positioned anywhere on the farm with a power source.

Solution Specifications

Loxo 10 Freestanding Enclosure

Contactless NFC Reader

10″ Linx 1020 Tablet

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