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Case Study

Places Leisure deploy imageHOLDERS digital kiosks in their brand new Camberley flagship gym

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The Client

imageHOLDERS are a trusted partner of Places Leisure gyms and leisure centres. We first worked with them at their Eastleigh flagship site, which went on to be the blueprint for most of their estates.

At their brand new flagship Camberley site, we have worked with them from concept, through building site visits, to the deployment of this new range of kiosks.

Places Leisure pride themselves on offering state of the art equipment and using technology to provide incredible customer care and the best user experience for members.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an intuitive and efficient user journey and visitor management system for members to self-check-in to the centre. The physical space provided some challenges and required careful consideration of the layout and the design of the custom kiosk solution.

The unique space and technical requirements meant that existing digital kiosk designs produced and used throughout the other leisure centres in the Places Leisure estate were not going to work.

All equipment needed to be in keeping with the interior design of the space and be accessible, safe and tidy with all cables hidden and in total be in keeping with a £20 Million state of the art facility.

Another unique requirement of the site was a separate car park access control system. Visitors using the car park were to be asked to register their registration number through an touch screen using a different system that could not be integrated with the normal membership management application.

Designing A Custom Leisure Kiosk Solution

Places Leisure needed to get as much out of the reception space as possible. The interactive kiosks needed to be countertop mounted, central to the entrance. The amount of space for the number of digital kiosks required to sit on a tabletop wasn’t large. Plus, all cables needed to be safely hidden away, whilst the screens retain connectivity to power at all times.

Their car park is managed by the council and therefore runs on a separate application. They needed their digital kiosk software to run smoothly alongside the council car parking application so that members could register their car number plate to avoid getting a ticket.

Digital Self-Check-In Kiosk Integration

The gym access control kiosk enclosure needed a QR code and barcode scanner so members could scan their app or membership card to gain access and self-check-in. The screen needed to be interactive and intuitive so members could find and book classes easily.

They also needed digital kiosks as a sales tool, to use as a visual aid for sales staff, complete with the option to take payment and take a photo of new members.

In addition to the self-check-in kiosks, there was a requirement to create a sales area where prospective members could sit with a centre representative and either individually or in groups, be presented with membership options and be enrolled.

The Final Digital Kiosk Solution

imageHOLDERS took on the challenge of mounting the self-service kiosks onto a single counter which was cut into a unique dog-leg shape to maximise and fit into the available space. The counter was designed to be at the maximum size possible and the best option to work within the space.

To solve the challenge of requiring two different check-in solutions for a member access control system and car park check-in, we designed a dual-screen interactive kiosk enclosure solution, which housed both a 12″ and 10″ tablet.

This overcame the issue of running two different systems (Places Leisure and the Council car park) alongside each other. This allowed for separate power and data networks all to be displayed on a single digital kiosk station.

Within the counter, all cables and connectivity were hidden to leave a sleek and modern finish.

A Fully Integrated Access Control System

The self-check-in gym kiosks were designed with a barcode scanners fully integrated into the enclosure.

This allows for members to check-in and gain access to the premises with either their membership card or a QR code on the Places Leisure app.

The entire counter with integrated kiosks was designed, built and installed by imageHOLDERS.

Countertop Sales Kiosks

In the sales area, we designed and produced two bespoke counter height tables which had a specific ‘Chicago Concrete’ finish to seamlessly blend into the surroundings. The interactive gym kiosks are completely cohesive with the interior design.

Integrated into the tables is a Loxo 15, housing a panel PC on a fully adjustable mount allowing the screen to be positioned to the best effect. Providing the perfect display for staff to be able to show new members information on the screen and work as a sales visual aid.

The enclosure neatly integrates a scanner, camera and payment device to allow a full-function digital kiosk solution for signing up new members.

Key Features

Barcode & QR Code Scanner

Barcode and QR scanners were integrated so members could scan either their membership card or QR code on the app.

Dual-Screen Solution

A dual-screen solution allowed for both Places Leisure and the Councils car park systems to run smoothly alongside each other, despite having different power and data networks, on one kiosk station.


A camera was integrated on the sales countertop kiosks to take photos of new members for their Places Leisure profile.

Payment Device

Payment Devices can be added to the modular design to take payment on the kiosk, either as a self-service solution or to be used by staff.

Tilt & Swivel Screen

The screen can tilt and swivel. This makes it an ideal visual aid for the sales team when showing information to customers.

Countertop Mount

The kiosks are mounted on a counter, with all cables and power supply hidden from view of the customer. The kiosks seamlessly fit into the interior of the reception.

Intuitive & User Friendly

The screens are interactive and display the software in an easy-to-use manner, making it the ideal solution for a self-service check-in kiosk in the leisure sector.

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