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imageHOLDERS developed a suite of products for Places for People Leisure, to transform the brand new leisure centre.

The Client

Places for People Leisure (PFPL) is a leading leisure and wellness partner who operate leisure facilities. PFPL approached imageHOLDERS to support their latest launch of Places Leisure Eastleigh. Places Leisure Eastleigh centre was developed by Eastleigh Borough Council, as one of the biggest leisure developments in the south. The £25 million centre opened on the 28th November 2017.

The Solution

To transform the brand new leisure centre, creating a range of products to join up different processes. Focusing on reducing queuing time for customers and digitizing the paper based process, the kiosks should a contemporary experience whilst freeing staff from admin tasks. Centering on superb customer service, the kiosks should provide a variety of different solutions, from customer feedback, sales and self-service check-in kiosks.

The Results

Our Shell+15 enclosure is a highly secure solution which is designed for use in heavy footfall environments. The reception area self-service check-in kiosks consisted of a Shell+15 kiosk was mounted on a tailored freestanding plinth, branded with the bright colour pallette of Places Leisure Eastleigh. The sales team required the enclosure to be mounted on a custom swivel mount which enables easy access for customers and staff alike. The Shell+15 encloses an Aures Yuno touch screen and barcode scanner which allows users to scan themselves into the centre, and book in for classes and facilities usage.

Benefits of Gym Kiosks

Drive Growth

Self-service check in kiosks provide low cost service 24/7.

Access Control Security

Improve time management and security with access control kiosks.

Entertainment Tablet Kiosks

Encourage guests to spend time browsing articles and increase customer satisfaction in the consumer journey.

Express Self-Service

Invest in customer time with easy and quick payment kiosks and check-in stands.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Implementing interactive kiosks allows you to adapt your user journey and customer experience to the changing times easily and effectively.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Gym kiosks and restaurant, bar and cafe kiosks offering information improve the customer journey.

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