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imageHOLDERS were challenged with securely enclosing Samsung tablets as touch screen kiosks, with the importance being on three main objectives. Security, aesthetics and future proofing.

McDonald’s, are embracing technology by installing digital tablet enclosures into their restaurants as entertainment hubs. Guests can relax and spend more time in the restaurants, providing further reasons to visit such as browsing the internet, which would give the franchise time to upsell.

Guests can use the digital tablet kiosks to:

• Play games,
• Read the news,
• Interact on social media,
• Charge their phone with wireless charging,
• Or just browse the internet.

McDonald’s have been installing these digital tablets as part of their Restaurant of the Future since 2014.

The Shell enclosure was designed for McDonald’s as the most secure tablet enclosure on the market with its Rugged Secure technology made from powder-coated steel. The bolt through mount ensures maximum security for the Samsung tablet kiosk, whilst remaining easy to install. The Shell touch screen kiosk was to be in keeping with McDonald’s aesthetics, which are modern with clean lines, this was in keeping with imageHOLDERS product ranges which embrace smooth lines and quality finishes. The entertainment kiosk aesthetics also fit in with the self-service fast food kiosks which McDonald’s are rolling out.

Key Benefits

Increase footfall

Incentivise customers with touch screen ordering systems.

Upsell with ease

iPad POS systems in restaurants see orders of desserts and appetizers increase by 30%

Queue bust

Halve customer wait time by implementing a self-service kiosk

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McDonald’s Install Tablet Kiosks

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